The Business Park

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Segreen’s foundation dates to 2011 and its evolution is the result of the far-sighted determination of Europa Risorse to set up a business park that is much more than a traditional workplace. Its goal is to create an environment in which people, nature and work co-exist and work together in harmony, fostering the sharing of ideas and expertise in a context in which professionals thrive.


52.000 sqm office space

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sei edifici
parking spaces
green pavillions
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Net Carbon Zero & Advanced Sustainability Strategy

A step forward
towards a greener future.

At Segreen the environment is a priority. As a business park we are committed to carbon emission reduction policies and practices based on the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable production processes. Net Carbon Zero is an ambitious goal that applies to the whole organisation and its value chain. It means reducing indirect carbon emissions right through from upstream suppliers to end users, a complex enterprise but one we are pursuing with determination.


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Embodied carbon represents the CO2 emissions associated with the business park's life cycle. 19% fewer CO2 emissions than a standard building.


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Operational carbon represents the volume of CO2 associated with energy and water used while the building is functioning.


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We have installed photovoltaic panels on the car park roof, generating a total of 110.4 kWh of power and 120,000 kWh of energy.


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We are continuing to plant trees, shrubs and flowers across the business park and elsewhere, from terraces to the lawns between buildings in order to:


CO2 emissions than a standard building

(Calculated in accordance with EN15978:2011 standards for stages corresponding to ‘from Cradle to Grave’ definitions)


CO2 emissions than a standard building

(Calculated in accordance with ASHRAE 90.1-2010)


of the indoor energy needs of our common spaces covered

Absorb CO2

Improve conditions for our professionals

Segreen’s strategy for the future is to increase our business park’s sustainability, investing time and resources in our search for systems, partners and initiatives that enable us to pursue our cutting-edge and environmentally friendly workplace vision.

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Let’s build a better world

Segreen embodies sustainability, innovation and safety. Responsibility for the planet and our professionals has always been a priority for us and we have been building sustainable and modern offices designed to be environmentally and person friendly right from the outset.


well 1

WELL certification was the first certification system to set out parameters with which buildings can improve our lives, focusing on personal comfort.

Leed Gold


LEED is a certification system with which to assess sustainable building design, construction, management and high-performance regional systems.



REHVA is the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations, which sets the guidelines for air quality in buildings.


wired black

WiredScore is a digital connectivity certification assessing a buildings digital infrastructure quality and resilience.


Milan’s Green Hub

A green space a stone's throw from Milan. It sounds like a dream but Segreen is very real! With our strategic location we embody the 15-minute city model in which everything you need is nearby.