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A big,
green family

The professionals that make up our community come from diverse sectors and backgrounds but they all share a great passion for innovation and the cutting edge. What makes Segreen unique is the brands it host and the skills and expertise found amongst its dynamic workspaces, which foster sharing, networking and new synergies. We are a large family looking to expand even further!

Business Sectors

more than 20 multinational tenants

Segreen is a workspace that welcomes in, and brings out the talent of professionals from more than 20 Italian and multinational companies that operate in a multiplicity of complementary sectors.

medical research
energy management
food beverage
food production
it services


Our Expanding Family

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Flex-office and Co-Working

There's room for everyone at Segreen. Why? We have a large and ultra-attractive flex-office and co-working space. This enables us to host small firms and start-ups at the business park as well, further enhancing the Segreen ecosystem and network by fostering joint growth. This service is offered by one of our tenants, IWG Group, world leader in flex-office management, present at Segreen with its brand Regus.

Why choose co-working
at Segreen?

- Because you’ll be surrounded by international firms and start-ups.
- Because all the business park's facilities are at your disposal.
- For a space tailor-made to your needs.
- For networking and new business opportunities.
- Because Segreen provides all the tools you need for an optimal work environment.

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The Business Park

An innovative hub that promotes optimal work-life balance and generates new and stimulating business opportunities. Want to find out more? We’re here to help.